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Journal History

 photo WhitePlainFeet.jpg

Rovanoak Black and White Dragon Fursuit (2016) by EternalskyyDorumon Digimon Dragon Fursuit (V.2) (2014) by EternalskyyDorumon Digimon Dragon Fursuit (2013)- Eternalskyy by EternalskyyOOAK Reindeer Fursuit (2013) by EternalskyyGatomon V. 2 Cat Digimon Fursuit OOAK (by ESC) by EternalskyyBolt - White Dog Fursuit - (2014 - 2015) by Eternalskyy
  Before emailing me, be sure you have read through my Commissions/Trades FAQ + Instructions! very thoroughly and complete my Commission Form and what's appropriate for the project's Fursuit Ordering Measurements (bottom of this page)... Send a message to me if you prefer to have help for a quote if you have details for the project in mind. Private Messages/Email/Skype (only message me, don't send add request) Eternalskyy.

damphyr Fursuit items [OPEN] Gallery Examples (Design has to interest me!) 
Themes i'm planning on using/may be interested in or for giving customers ideas: Snow/winter (white with grey/brown/silver detailing), Rainbow, Fire, Shadow (black and red eyes), Angelic, Candy, Playing card (white with red/black) possibly card symbol(s), Mint (neon green with white/black), White and purple.

Shipping is not included. It will be billed separately after it is finished.
Normally it's $60-$100 to USA and $500-$900 internationally ($900 is for very large digitigrade with large tail and a large head like Dorumon). Unstuffed would be less.

When ordering from EternalSkyy, you're responsible for assuring the product can be lawfully imported to the destination country.
The recipient is the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the destination country. Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches the recipient's country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient; we have no control over these charges and can't predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for more information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.

Rebates: You can do all of the below for maximum rebate if it is a full suit or partial suit commission.
Rebate 1: You can receive a $4 rebate if you post a video of un-boxing your fursuit to YouTube with ESC or Eternal Skyy Costumes in the title.
Rebate 2: You can receive a $3 rebate if you make a good quality review for FursuitCritique on FA (commissioned work only. Spell checked/detailed- prefer more than a couple of sentences for each part of the review). Must have owned it for 2 months or more and must follow their guidelines. Also a $3 rebate if you make a good quality review for FursuitReview on FA (commissioned work AND auctioned items made by me) - its easy to copy and paste from one to the other for the same submission.

Full fursuits: $1,350 is about my average price. Below, it is split into sections to show how I price my fursuits and pieces. Please use this to estimate your quote.

Head: All include moving jaw and allow wearing glasses comfortably inside.
$455 Foam base without fur added.
$555 Base for fully furred and shaved head.
+$10 Balaclava seperate. Keeps sweat out of your fursuit head. Is separate to keep hair out of your face and removable for washing.
+$40 Balaclava inside of the head, (built inside, glued into the base).
+$0 Eyes: buckram. For follow-me, resin and LED eyes refer towards the bottom of the page.

Body suits:
$450 one-color.
$475 two-color (with belly color).
$500 three-color (stripe around belly).

Arms: Free for same color as body.
+$25 Different color than body.
+$35 Three colors.

Legs: Free for same color as body.
+$35 Different color than body or added to the arm.
+$45 Three colors.

Legs: Digitigrade Addition
+$280 Small.
+$355 Medium.
+$410 Large.
+$85 Cupped shape (Example: my reindeer)

 photo WhitePlainFeet.jpgYellow Fursuit Feet - Interior Slippers by Eternalskyy
(Examples are white: removable slippers, yellow: non-removable slippers)
Feet: Your choice on the inside: play mat material (easy to clean) or soft foam (more comfort, harder to clean). Durable rubber on the bottom soles of the feet for durability unless other material is requested.

$185 base price for foam attached to slippers of your size.
$220 base price for extra large toes.
$250 base price for stompy feet (very large in size). 
$265 base price for extra large stompy feet (super large).
+$30 Both flat surface (vinyl or playmat) inside and foam underneath that layer (easy to clean + foam for comfort).
+$30 Removable slipper-feet instead of attached inside of the foot.
+$10 Slipper included- any size.
Claws: See the paws sections for prices.

Feet Pads (Raised).
 photo IMG_0027.jpg
(Example is white rubber soles with black rubber on top of foam pads)
+$25 for pad shapes: thick foam mat on very bottom of feet (animal shaped pads, realistic or toony or design).
+$20 for black rubber on top of the pads (add with the foam mat, HIGHLY recommended for durability).
+$35 for rubber other than black for the soles.

  -Other colors on bottom of feet: Working on having this be possible.

Feet Pads (Indented).

(Example is black rubber soles with black sparkle vinyl pad shapes)
+$20 Any colored pads (vinyl or pleather).
+$20 Any glitter colored pads. See the photo at the bottom of the page for examples.
+$35 Rubber other than black for the soles (not suggested for durability, but can be done).

Claws on feet:
 photo IMG_0074.jpg
(Example is Digimon sized extra large glitter vinyl, foam inside) *extra costs for resin
Fleece/Vinyl/Glitter Vinyl/Clay/Resin: 
+$35 Small (realistic).
+$60 Medium. *+extra for clay/resin
+$100 Extra large (Digimon sized). Can be flat, foam or stuffing inside.

Tail choices for stuffing: stuffing (heavier but plush like) or bean bag filler for lighter weight or hybrid.
Tails base prices:
$30: 1"-8"
$50: 8"-15" 
$70: 15"-25" 
$90: 25"-30" 
$100: 30"-40"
$110: 40"-50"

*Tail wire: Add these for flexible/realistic tails! Best with foam or stuffing, not bean bag filler. Use entire tail measurement:
$10: 1"-8"
$20: 8"-15"
$30: 15"-25"
$35: 25"-30"
$40: 30"-40"
$45: 40"-50"

*Tail foam base inside: Add this for extreme quality, the best bend-ability, most realistic and lighter weight! Use entire tail measurement:
  --For foam based flat/tube tails: 
$10: 1"-8"
$15: 8"-15"
$20: 15"-25"
$25: 25"-30"
$35: 30"-40"
$45: 40"-50"
  --For foam based wolf/rounded tails (rounded discs and/or solid inside tail) Use entire tail measurement:
 $20: 1"-8"
 $40: 8"-15"
 $60: 15"-25"
 $80: 25"-30"
 $90: 30"-40"
$100: 40"-50"

Ears (if separate from a head): 
+$40 Small.
+$55 Medium.
+$60+ Large.

$50 base price.
+$60 Interior finger foam (for shaped fingers / realistic or stuffed look).

 photo IMG_0674.jpg
Shown are squishy paw pads with glitter and slightly transparent.
+$35 Paw pads (non-cloth: Squishy or Resin (hard)). Please state how translucent/opaque you would like and color(s).
+$10 Glitter inside Squishy/Resin paw pads.
+$5 Glitter behind non-cloth squishy/resin paw pads. If flakes or shapes: price will vary.
+$? Pattern behind non-cloth squishy/resin paw pads. Price varies.

+$40 Paw pads (cloth: Fleece/Vinyl/Glitter Vinyl/PVC/Pleather). Can be flat or stuffed.
+$5 Glitter painted on top of fleece.

Paw Pad Glitter:
Can find mostly every color/effect. Any color(s) or theme (like snow/seasonal/etc) and can mix them. Shapes: Large glitter circles, small glitter circles, diamond flakes, tiny line flakes, stars, hearts, other shapes. Just ask and i'll see if I can find it.

*Claws per pair of paws or pair of feet: Fleece/Vinyl/Glitter Vinyl/Clay/Resin*extra costs for resin
+$20 small (realistic).
+$50 medium.
+$100 extra large. Can be flat, foam or stuffing inside.

+$10 led-light up claws - right now I can only do this with pre-made LED rave gloves with the effects offered on them through ebay.
+$10 Glitter inside resin.
Can find mostly every color/effect. Any color(s) or theme (like snow/seasonal/etc) and can mix them. Shapes: Large glitter circles, small glitter circles, diamond flakes, tiny line flakes, stars, hearts, other shapes. Just ask and i'll see if I can find it.

Wings: (FRAMES are NOT included, $100 separately! They are required to hold up 25" wings from weight unless they droop down, not required for smaller wings under 25".)

  -All fur (chibi angel wings), for pair, individual measurement- base price:
20": $170
25": $205
30": $255

 -All fur (detailed shape, angel wings), for pair, individual measurement- base price:
20": $290
25": $320
30": $370

-Non-fur material bat wings (without a large tube frame, small / unnoticed flat frame holding up the wings), bendable- base price:
20": $170
25": $205
30": $255

 -Tube-like frame, bendable (dragon wings) + material webbing, for pair, individual measurement- base price:
20": $400
25": $430
30": $460

Partial Suits Sleeves/Leggings (otherwise this is included in the body price):
+$25 arm sleeves to elbow.
+$50 full arms.
+$25 leggings to knees.
+$50 full legs.
+$90 full legs sewn to shorts or fur pants.

*Markings: See below for custom colors if they are not any standard color I can find in fur.
  -Sewn-in markings (rough estimates):
1-5": $10
5-12": $20
12"-16": $35, ....

*Custom Colors: Fur comes in just basic colors and some darker shaded colors. 

*Coloring fur/fabric (washing and waterproof): I can color pastels but no darker. Coloring price:
$5 for anything 10" shapes
$15 for 20" shapes
$20 for 30" shapes
$25 for 40" shapes
$30 for 50" shapes
$35 for 60" shapes
$40 for 70" shapes

*Paint: I can brush acrylic paint (NOT water proof!): For small head details or details on the body,
+$30 per color.

*Airbrush: For in the future: prices not determined yet.

Eyes: MAJOR UPDATE: Will be plastic surrounding the iris from now on for durability!

 photo GatomonsEye.jpg  photo IMG_0026.jpg  photo IMG_1726.jpg

Brown eyes are toony eyes, Yellow eyes are follow-me anime mesh eyes, Red/black are anime plastic+mesh eyes.

-Types of eyes that can be requested:
*Buckram only: Offers the best visibility and the best airflow. Large size = more visibility and airflow.
*Toony: Buckram with white plastic around iris. Visibility: Second best. Can see through the mesh 'iris' part of the eye.
*Hybrids: Visibility depends on materials used and black mesh size/placement.
*Resin eyes: Realistic or Anime/General styled. Resin is Clear solid plastic on top. Black Buckram known as 'tear ducts' offers vision to the wearer. Visibility depends on tear duct size and placement. Offers the worst visibility.

-Offered for additional costs:
*Follow-me eyes: Offers the illusion that the iris and pupil 'follow' and watch directly at the viewer. Excellent visibility for 'mesh only' and slightly less with 'mesh with white plastic'.
*LED: LED/El Wire around eyes can be added for extra costs.
*Clear plastic over eyes: Added for Kigurumi / Anime style eyes, is shiny and only takes a small amount of visibility away. Fogging happens once in a while, especially when walking through a change of temperature and can last a few minutes. The plastic can be de-fogged by removing the head/eyes or by using a de-fog spray.

*Buckram Eyes:
+$0 with a head.
+$35 Separate, without a head included.
+$20 Resin eyes. Price varies on size.
+$35 Follow-me eyes.

Eternal Skyy Costumes (ESC) Fursuit Sandals by Eternalskyy
Sandals Base: $85
+$25 Glitter on top for protection.
+$25 Other color straps. (Strap colors I can get: Click for colors! ).
+$15 Rubber bottoms added (VERY RECOMMENDED).

Photo of glitter choices for Sandals/Claws!

 photo GlitterColors.png


Fursuit Ordering Measurements:
I need these specifications firm against you, rounded off to the nearest inch (and if you want it loose or snug).

Crotch to middle of shoulders: 
Ankle to crotch: 
Largest part around lower leg (calf):
Largest part around upper leg (likely about crotch area):
Hip circumference (around butt, need biggest measurement around): 
Tummy circumference: 
Armpit to wrist: 
Chest circumference (below armpit): 
Shoulder circumference (just below neck), wrap it around shoulders: 
Head circumference horizontally, around back of head, across the ears and to the tip of the nose all around: 
Head circumference vertically, around the top of your head, down across the ears and under the chin firmly: 
Wrist to fingertip: 
Shoe size requested: 

--+About my Fursuit Products, Material, Durability and Quality+--
Quotes/Prices/Questions/Comments on commissions ... More information here (read before you email your design to me, you may send a design for me to quote personally):

--++About my commissions++--

Style: I prefer toony style. More style examples like kemono will be shown in my gallery. Realistic is a style I prefer for singular items or fix-up work commissions. I am not afraid to use reference for styles I have not tried for each item.

Customize: I offer a very wide variety of materials to pick from and my fursuit feet are the most custom option I offer with the whole interior and exterior customize able for your feet. 

Accuracy: I offer WIP photos during the process and ask for changes before finalizing each item.

Contact: I offer close contact via skype/facebook during the process so long that we keep contact professional and only about fursuit topics. I also email or private message WIP photos if preferred.

Durability: I only use great quality upholstery foam, upholstery thread for furs and dual duty thread for fleece. I also use rubber floor mats for feet. Items are tested once finished to be sure they are as durable as possible.

Fitting/size: I offer fursuits to be built a couple of inches to spare around the body if no DTD is given. When a DTD is given I can get a more close and accurate fit for you.

Testing products: I always test my products before shipping when the costume size allows. This includes physical strain and abuse towards all materials for improvement purposes which I adjust as needed. I test for durability, holes, open seams, comfort and how well the costume functions. I check inch by inch to be sure there are no mistakes in the design or loose seams.

Comfort: I have heard multiple times that my fursuits are so comfortable that sleeping in them can actually be considered a hobby.

Vision: Vision is up to the customer with how the eyes are customized. It can range from OK, good, great and excellent with any toony style fursuit based on the design. The best vision I had so far with a fursuit I made was side vision with large eyes (Dorumon).


Eternalskyy's Profile Picture
Lugia Chan
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
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My Store:

 photo CommissionsSmall.png
 photo FursuitCommissionsSmall.png
 photo ConceptArtCommissionsSmall.png
 photo baseCommissionsSmall.png

Status: Awaiting pics for Gearbox's finished partial fursuit and payment.
Multitasking all projects now.

Work in progress mini projects: fixing my vacuum former to complete the missing last piece of each (nose/paw pads)
*Lilly fox silicone nose
*Personal summer convention fursuit's paws
*Bolt's new paws
*Re-modifying a partial of mine: 40% done

--- Slot 1- Personal fursuit: 8% done
--- Slot 2- Fursuit partial +legs, pending body- Colours: 0% done
--- Slot 3- Kamon the Skunk fursuit: 0% done
--- Slot 4-
--- Slot 5-
--- Slot 6-

Some current interests for fursuit commissions at the moment: Sparkle/rainbow dog/wolf/fennec, bunnies in general, some Digimon, color altered anime anthros, Lugia, Raichu/Alolan Raichu, Quilava, bats and furry/short pile fur dinosaurs.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
:damphyr: My most popular art…
:damphyr: Groups I may submit art to
:damphyr:Tutorial- cleaning your computer
:damphyr:Tutorial- how to make a Paint Chat
:damphyr: Tutorial- Good Relationships 4 Dummys…

Stuff people I knew owe me from items/cash never were paid back:
Friend of mine who moved away: New laptop or $170.
Erick Delgado/Milo: Huge box of stuff I paid for, never shipped it to me.
PkhtJim: $500 promised to be paid back.
Meema: $1000+ of product I shipped, never paid back.


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